Microlight Sport Pilot Licence Hoedspruit


Leading Edge Flight School is situated at Hoedspruit Civil in Hoedspruit, Limpop.  They are registered with the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA 0141) and the Microlight Association of South Africa.  A minimum age of 15 years required.

Requirements for a National Pilots licence:

Instruction hours:
A minimum of 35 hours must be flown.  At least 20 hours dual and at least 15 hours solo on a Jabiru SP.
Flight briefings:
Briefings will be done before and after every flight.  This is an all-inclusive once off charge.

MISASA and Aero Club membership:
You need to require membership from MISASA, Aero Club of South Africa and the Hoedspruit Flying Club.

Theory lectures during the course.  You will normally need about 10 hours of lectures.

You will have to obtain a student pilot licence, which you have to get before going solo as well as your final pilot license.  Application and courier costs will be an extra cost.

Radio licence:
You have to obtain a radio licence, which we can arrange for you.

Medical certificate:
A flying medical certificate has to be obtained before going solo.  This can also be arranged for you in Hazyview and a chest X-ray can be done in Phalaborwa or Nelspruit.

PPL by Jim Davis is our Ground School Manual and Law for Private Pilots is also used as our reference sources. Both these books can be obtained through the school.  These prices are subject to change.

Skills test:
At the end of your instruction a practical skills test has to be done. 

Our aircraft are all fully insured and you will be required to carry pilot excess insurance to the value of R20 000 before going solo.  This costs approximately R120 per month and is
not aircraft specific so you will be able to use it after you have completed your licence with us.  Should insurance only be required for one month, the cost is R277.50.

Theory examinations
Examinations are written online and there are 6 subjects.  The six subjects are:
a. Meteorology
b. Aviation law
c. Principles of flight
d. Aircraft technical and general
e. Human performance
f. Navigation

All students are required to have their own headsets.  The school does have headsets available for sale including a headset bag.

The costs based on the minimum required 35 hours of flying are broken down below and excludes the costs of the medical examination and X-ray.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

Please contact us for any reservations.