Icarus Skydiving School - Skydiving Courses

Join us at Icarus Skydiving School on one of our skydiving courses and turn your high-flying dreams into reality!

Before any practical training takes place, our Ground School Training lectures are held on a Wednesday at 5:00pm at 138 – 7th Avenue Edenvale about 20km north east of central Johannesburg, Gauteng. The 4 hour lecture is followed by the first jump at the Airfield on the next Saturday morning.

Icarus Skydiving School offers 2 types of comprehensive skydiving training courses. Reserve your place on a ‘traditional’ Static Line course or an Accelerated Freefall ‘fast-track’ training program:

Static Line Skydiving – for at least the first 8 jumps, a static line attached to the aircraft will open your parachute for you so you can focus on correct body positioning while practicing pulling a ripcord. Your Ground Instructor will guide you in ‘canopy control’ and a safe, gentle landing in the Drop Zone. When your jumpmaster approves your progression to Freefall, you will pull your own ripcord. The altitude of each jump increases as you move through the course at your own pace.

Accelerated Freefall Skydiving (AFF) – this course fast-tracks your training and is completed over the shortest time possible. On your first jump you will be accompanied by 2 of our experienced and specially trained instructors who will hold onto your parachute harness as the 3 of you exit the plane together. After a 30 second freefall, your instructors will coach you with opening your parachute and safely and accurately landing in the Drop Zone. Additional techniques are learned as you progress through each level, and from Level 4 you will be accompanied by only 1 instructor. With the AFF method of training it is possible to become qualified as a novice skydiver in around 10 jumps.

Safety is a priority at Icarus Skydiving School and for reasons of safety, students must be at least 16 years of age and 100kg or less.

Icarus also offers Tandem Skydiving for thrill-seekers who would prefer to bypass the learning and jump straight into it! Tandem skydiving is the perfect way to get a taste of what skydiving is all about. With minimal training, you can experience the exhilaration and excitement of freefall and a 4 minute parachute ride. Attached to a qualified and experienced Tandem Master under a parachute specially designed for 2 people, you can enjoy the ride while your Tandem Master takes care of the rest. You can help steer the parachute if you wish and you can even request a cameraman to accompany you to video your skydiving adventure!