Learn to Gyrocopter Pilot Licence South Africa

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A Gyrocopter pilot license by Aero Sport Microlight School in Cape Town will give you the experience and freedom of flying in an open cockpit.

The training for Gyrocopter License consists of the following:
Theory & Exams (Pass mark of 75%)
Aircraft Technical and General
Air Law
Restricted Radio Telephony
Human Performance
Principles of Flight
Flight Exercise & Briefings
Minimum of 30hrs flying hours
Flight test for Gyrocopter License

The requirements for Gyrocopter License:
Age minimum of 16 years
Medical fit (Class 4 aviation medical certificate)

Duration of Gyrocopter License training:
The training can be completed in 3-4 weeks if you are a full time student, or can be completed over a longer period as a part time student. The training schedule is built around each student’s availability and budget.

Aircraft used for Gyrocopter License training:
Training is done on our Magni M16 gyrocopter which is a very good training aircraft with excellent control feedback for positive learning experience.

If you are interested of obtaining your Gyrocopter pilot license or have any questions about the Gyrocopter license, please feel free to contact us.