Free Dive in Cape Town

Learn to free dive with Cape Town Freediving.

Free Diving Courses in Cape Town, South Africa.

Learning to freedive is not just about learning to hold your breath under water. A range of other skills, mental and physical, come with the process, not to mention the opportunity to explore the quiet and magical world of water that is inaccessible to most.

From adventure free diver to internationally certified Master Instructor, we offer a range of courses to suit everyone’s personal goals and intentions. Our courses are run with our ocean-loving professional instructors by your side (our instructor to pupil ration is 1:4) All our instructors have an on-going love affair with the ocean and have immense knowledge of the sea, so that while you will acquire the practical understanding of the freediving techniques, you will also gain deeper insights into the ocean and yourself.

Our freediving courses include recreational adventure courses, for those just wanting to feel confident enough on reefs, in kelp forests and open ocean to have fun and explore. Our sports courses offer a range of levels. The more advanced the course the deeper you dive.

You don’t have to be an athlete to freedive. Any fit, healthy person who can swim can take this one-breath-step into the ocean to discover the delights of swimming in an aquatic forest and searching for wild treasures of the ocean. Young people from 14 are also welcome making this a family friendly activity.

Whether you’re a visitor to Cape Town and only have a couple of days or lucky enough to live here and want to pursue a life of free diving, there’s a free diving course for you.