Accredited adventure guide training programme south africa


The Cape Town-based adventure guide training company Venture Forth offers an adventure-filled and comprehensive adventure guide training programme. At the end of this one-year course, successful students exit as qualified and accredited adventure tourism guides who are able to work immediately in the adventure tourism industry. Although the programme is primarily aimed at students in the 18 to 25 year old age group, it is suitable for anyone wanting to enter this industry.

During the year, students travel by air, road and rail throughout South Africa. Trips not only familiarise students with transport options and arrival and departure procedures, they also take students to key adventure tourism locations throughout South Africa. On these trips, students explore new areas, visit different operators and experience a variety of activities. The six-week long ‘SA Adventure Extravaganza Tour’, which visits many prime locations, is a highlight of the year.

Throughout the programme, students attend numerous short courses to gain skills and certifications. Courses range from mountain guiding to overland and 4x4 guiding, and also paddling and river guiding. Additional guiding courses teach skills like nature interpretation, photography and adventure film making as well as camp construction and maintenance. Courses in firearm training as well as first aid and outdoor survival are also included.

Training is given by experienced and qualified instructors and courses are accredited. Students gain personal activity experience within each qualification to acquire necessary skills.

Venture Forth has its base in Cape Town and students enjoy frequent travel and practical exercises away from ‘home’. Residential and non-residential options are available. Residential students live in a self-catering student house in Milnerton. When travelling and away on practical activity trips, students mostly camp.

Only 12 students each year are accommodated on this Year@GuideSchool programme to ensure that each person receives extensive personal attention and assistance. The course is physically demanding and requires hard work and long hours. It is also fun and full of adventure.

Year@GuideSchool offers a well-structured path towards a career in the adventure tourism industry.

What is the programme?
This is an abbreviated programme and year-planner:

Phase 1 starts: 8 January 2018
Training courses
Personal experience
In-house work experience with Venture Forth
Work experience around Cape Town

Easter Holiday Break: 27 March – 03 April 2018

Phase 2 starts: 04 April 2018
Training courses
Personal experience
Work experience
Formative assessment

Winter Holiday Break: 01 July – 11 July 2018

Phase 3 starts: 12 July 2018
Personal experience – Around SA Adventure Extravaganza trip!
Work experience
Summative training interventions

Spring Holiday Break: 07 – 13 September 2018

Phase 4 starts: 14 September 2018
Final work experience with Venture Forth
Summative assessments
Training interventions if required
Re-assessments if required

Course ends: 07 December 2018

Off-days and breaks: There will be some week-days and weekends given off during each phase. A detailed final programme will be available by end of October 2017.

What will I learn and which short courses will I attend?

Foundation course:
Generic Adventure Site Guide – NQF Level 4 – 60 Credits
SAQA Registered Unit standards included:
335803 – Research and design a guided experience at a prominent tourism site 335801 – Conduct a tourist guiding activity 262320 – Manage and organise groups 262317 – Lead participants through an outdoor recreation and adventure activity 262305 – Plan and implement minimum environmental impact practices 262246 – Set up and operate a camping site 255914 – Minimise and manage safety and emergency incidents 246740 – Care for customers 335816 – Conduct a guided adventure experience

Elective Adventure Guiding Skills and Unit Standards:
Off-trail mountain walking guide
Abseil Guide – Level 1 and 2
Single-Pitch Rock Climbing Guide
Non-technical Canyoneering Guide
Technical Single-Pitch Canyoneering Guide

OVERLAND AND 4x4 GUIDING SKILLS (TETA Accredited Unit Standards)
4x4 Operations – Basic and Advanced
Defensive Driver Training
Heavy duty drivers licence (optional extra at additional cost)

PADDLING & RIVER GUIDING (African Paddling Association & CATHSSETA accredited)
Flat-water Paddling Guide
Sea-Kayak Guide
River Guide (Swift Water)

Zip-line Guide
High Ropes Challenge Course Guide
Mountain Bike & Cycle Touring Guide

Nature interpretation for adventure guides
Basic photography and adventure film making skills
Basic camp construction and maintenance skills

Legal aspects of the Firearms Control Act
Personal Firearms Competency for Handgun, Shotgun and Manual Rifle
Business Purposes Competency for Handgun, Shotgun and Manual Rifle Year @ Guide School – Comprehensive accredited adventure guide training

Adventure Based Learning Skills
ABL Facilitator Training
Soft skills, group training and debriefing
Whole Brain Leadership
Water activities
Air rifle shooting
Challenge courses
Challenge games

First Aid and Survival
DOL Level 1 First Aid (Department of Labour Accredited)
Wilderness First Responder (Department of Labour & ECSI Accredited)
Tactical First Aid (Department of Labour Accredited)
Incident management
Bush craft and survival
Self-defence for adventure guides
Urban and Travel Survival