Venture Forth International

Venture Forth International Youth Adventures: 
Venture Forth is Southern Africa’s most prominent organiser of outdoor adventure education camps and expeditions, passionately involved in youth education escapades since our inception in 1994.  Celebrating 20 years of substantial experience facilitating and running youth quests at range of venues across Southern Africa, even at the most basic or off-the-beaten-track locations.

Expeditions & Journeys:
Our excursion programmes are journeys of exploration and discovery from days to a month or longer.  These trips are life changers.  Aimed at young people between ages 14 and 18.  Bike, trek, raft, or crawl, you will reach your goal and never forget the voyage that created your fresh approach to life…

School tours and trips:
Day outings, touring and out-there expeditions dedicated to educate or just for good old traditional fun.  Venture Forth can take you on a Kruger safari, paddling on Lake Malawi or even to the Kilimanjaro summit. Aspire to set your school flag on an exotic peak or gain a cultural experience? We can make it a reality.

VFI Adventure Centres:
Select well-positioned VFI Adventure Centres in the Western Cape and KZN.  Each centre has it’s own highlights and programmes.  Have a look here.  We also use some other exquisite venues.

We bring the adventure to your school.  Either for a once-off event or various short sessions.  Ideal extension of your learning curriculum or end-of-term gap fillers. Schedules designed to suit your needs and around your school terrain and available amenities.

Life Orientation Programme Add-ons:
Have a look at the add-ons we can do to complement any outdoor adventure education programme. These are great life skills and also suitable to match the life orientation syllabus requirements. Life saving, first aid training.

Campsite programmes:
Located at any of our adventure centres country-wide or other camps:

High Ropes & Low Ropes:
Rock Climbing, Abseiling & Gladiators
Group Games, Beach Games
Rafts, Canoes, Beach & River

...we create it all for you