Tugela River Trails Winterton

Tugela River Trails is an owner-run adventure education company, focusing on journeys, expeditions and wilderness skills courses. We host large high school groups on journeys up to 21 days, and wilderness skills holiday camps for younger kids. Our custom made expeditions are hiking based, but may include mountain biking, paddling on the Tugela River or on Spionkop Dam, mountain biking (we are in the heart of the Berg and Bush country) and horse riding.

Located outside Winterton, KwaZulu-Natal, we are within hiking or mountain biking reach of the central Drakensberg, the historical battlefield of Spionkop, and the perennial Tugela River. We are afforded special access onto the North shore of Spionkop Dam and Spionkop Nature Reserve, home to White Rhino and plains game. Our trips also have exclusive access to the surrounding farm land, and private game farms of the area. We also include agricultural visits in our trips, the highlight being a 1400 Ayrshire Cow fully computerised dairy, providing milk for Woolworths yoghurt!

Hike, camp, track wild animals, ride mountain bikes, make bows and arrows, paddle canoes, ride horses, trail run, orienteer, light fires without matches, build forts, learn basic first aid, view game, make rope with bark, shoot pellet guns, navigate with a compass, spend time alone on solo, team build, slack pack, tour farms, history talks, tube down rapids, make clay animals, learn to speak Zulu, shoot catapults, swim in the river, ID insects, birds and wild flowers, build shelters, navigate by the stars, bake bread on the fire, catch fish, play with dogs, learn medicinal uses of plants, survive in the bush, read a map, collect and purify water, use knives and tools safely, leave no trace ethics, conservation awareness, fireside folk tales, and HAVE FUN doing it!

Tugela River Trails was founded, and is run by, Lee and Claire (and very recently little Ali Mae as well!) Fuller. Both Lee and Claire have come from a wildlife and farming background. After 10 years of living and working in the Kruger National Park, and the Serengeti National Park, they have settled back in KZN. Lee still guides a handful of bespoke family safaris into Africa and Madagascar, and Claire still runs her mobile Physiotherapy practice. More recently they have, with their local Zulu staff, passionately focused on the adventure education business. They firmly believe that getting kids outside is a very relevant, and exceptionally important, aspect of growing up in this modern and chaotic world.

They look forward to chatting to you!