Outdoor Educators

Outdoor Educators are operating at Cumberland Nature Reserve, only 15km east of Pietermaritzburg.  This Nature Reserve is an environmental treasure trove as it is home to an abundance of wildlife, variety of plant species and indigenous forest. The reserve borders on the Umgeni - river and the Rietspruit that runs through the property, cuts through the African thornveld to form two beautiful waterfalls. With high cliffs, a wide diversity in nature and some beautiful scenery, it is a magnificent area to visit, indeed. 

The Outdoor Educators’ management would like to work together with those responsible for booking the program to ensure that the program is tailor made to suit their specific requirements.

Some of the educational programs that we can provide are:
General Outdoor Education programs (to enhance personal, social, and life skills; with full reviewing of activities)
Leadership identification and leadership development programs (for prefects, SRC members, etc.)
Team building programs (for students, sport teams and staff from schools
Corporate Team Building programs
Environmental Education programs (we can also arrange for specialists in plant/ tree identification, birds and snakes to be part of your program).

Our programs can be from a half – day experience to a full comprehensive five – day camp and we have a range of activities that is suitable to various age groups.
We also accommodate church groups and offer affordable options in self – catering and activities. 

Some of the main activities that we can currently offer, include:
A high quality low ropes and development course
Abseiling (different options available)
Kayaking (flat water – dam)
Team Building initiatives and group dynamic activities
Hiking and game viewing, with nature experiences like swimming under a 15 m waterfall, etc. There is a range of spectacular hikes of different difficulty levels available.
Introduction to orienteering and photo – orienteering

Groups need to book in advance to make use of our service.

“Learning through experience”