Slackpacking from Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge provides hikers an ideal opportunity to explore the iconic trails of the Northern Drakensberg, without the drama of heavy packs and camping in temperamental mountain weather.  One of the other advantages of using Witsieshoek as a ‘base camp’ is that the daily routing can be chosen based on the weather the mountains provide at the time of your visit.

The Northern Drakensberg offers some of the best hiking in the Berg, with the iconic Amphitheatre Hike via the Chain Ladders the premier route. The full-day hike can start from the Lodge, or after a transfer to the car park.  Hikers wanting to get to the top of the Amphitheatre have the option of ascent via the famous chain ladders, or up (or down) the Gully. This route takes you to the top of the Tugela, the second-highest waterfall in the world.  The Gudu Falls Hike, and the Metsi Matso Trail each offer different experiences and together the three hikes out of Witsieshoek provide an unforgettable time in the Berg.  There is no fixed length, or range of facilities to be used when booking your trail. 

Choose the number of days you want to hike, which will be guided, and where you need transfers. Select the accommodation standard to suit your budget, and enjoy the robust breakfast and dinners at the Lodge, as well as the optional lunch-pack.  And when you move on, portering services are available when hiking to another destination.

**NOT dog friendly**