Witsand Nature Reserve

Witsand Nature Reserve - Hiking, Sandboarding and Stargazing in the Northern Cape, South Africa.

Home of the famous “Brulsand” or Roaring Sand of the Kalahari this incomparable eco destination is situated 236 km from Kimberley and 160km from Upington (N8).

Birdlife – this scenic park is teeming with bird life, including the Namaqua sandgrouse, sociable weaver and Africa`s smallest raptor - the pygmy falcon.

Dune Boarding – Experience the thrill of sand dune boarding and surfing on 20 – 30 meters high sand dunes. The white and copper-red sand dunes, not only offer exhilarant boarding but great Instagram opportunities.

Botanical Meander - A must for botanist… or aspiring ones. The curated 3.2km meander features 43 unique plant species.

Hiking and Biking - Discover one of the many Stone Age sites reflecting the changing lifestyles throughout many thousands of years or simply enjoy a meandering hike or bike ride appreciating the abundant wildlife and breathtakingly beautiful landscape.

4x4 Trail route – The challenging 15km long route meanders through towering dunes and the beautiful unexplored northern part of the reserve ending at Pepler’s Gat. A crystal-clear natural pool perfect for a refreshing swim and picnic. (Difficult grading 1 – 4)

Stargazing: Be captivated by the night the skies ablaze with a million stars.