Wineland Ballooning - Balloon Rides
Balloon rides with Wineland Ballooning in the Cape Winelands of South Africa.
Wineland Ballooning offers balloon rides in the Cape Winelands near Cape Town.

Wineland Ballooning - Balloon rides operator in the Cape Winelands near Cape Town.

Over 30 years of perfect flying makes Wineland Ballooning the natural choice for your South African ballooning experience. Thousands of people from all over the world, including many locals, have flown with us and enjoyed the unique environment of the Cape Winelands near Paarl from above. The area we fly in - the Berg River Valley - affords stunning views of the Limietberg part of the magnificent Cape Fold Mountain Range. The dawn flight catches the sun just as it explodes into view from behind the brooding silhouette of the mountains; a sight never to be forgotten.

On clear mornings you can see all the way to iconic Table Mountain 55-kilometers away to the west and even the rocky finger of the Cape Peninsula. The balloon drifts gently with the wind over vineyards, wheat fields and the attractive Cape-Dutch manor houses of grand old wine estates. Multiple farm dams reflect silver like giant shards of glass in the early morning light and tendrils of mist often hang in the valleys.

Your adventure with Wineland Ballooning starts from the moment you get your early morning wake up call. The safety of our flights is our number one priority and due to the Capes high winds, trips are often cancelled. We will do our utmost to rearrange things and get you on another flight.

The pick-up point is the charming Grand Roche Hotel in Paarl where we gather afterwards for a breakfast celebration. We than head out to the launch site with the light just tingeing the horizon and its time for rigging. This is one of the most exciting parts of a balloon flight and guests are encouraged to participate. You’ll feel quite dwarfed by the giant balloon as it billows into its upright position. The ground team will help you into the basket and off you’ll go for an hour or so in the big beautiful sky above the winelands. The flight is so quiet that you can sometimes hear the chirruping song of frogs from below.

The terrestrial crew will meet you like long lost friends wherever the pilot lands and whisk you off for a jovial breakfast, some excellent local sparkling wine and some rehashing of balloon stories!