Whale Expedition SA is a whale watching operator in Yzerfontein on the West Coast of South Africa.

Responsible — Immersive — Pioneering

Founded by whale-watching industry leaders and genuine ocean enthusiasts, Whale Expedition SA focuses on small and private groups, operating along the Cape West Coast — a renowned feeding ground for humpback whale ‘supergroups’. With a maximum of 10 guests per expedition, an intimate, immersive experience is guaranteed.

On each expedition we head off in search of the humpback whale supergroups, on our custom-built boat, the Meganova. Purposefully designed for maximum comfort and the ability to cover the ground when needed, she gives us the ability to explore the coastal region to its full potential and discover all the marine life within it.

4 Days/3 nights expedition: An in-depth, inclusive and educational whale-watching experience, that takes you to the heart of the humpback whale supergroups and other rich marine life found in this region. Savour being in the presence of giants at close quarters. You will also be welcomed to evening talks to learn more about the whales’ scientific status and get detailed information, enjoy meet-and-greet sessions with renowned whale specialists and industry experts, and take advantage of photographic talks and guides. 

1-Day expedition: One great day, hosted by our whale-specialist team, with up to 6 hours on the water, gives you an immersive experience with the humpback whale supergroups, and any other rich marine life that can be found in this region in a day.

The south-west Cape currently hosts the largest annual gathering of humpback whales in the Southern Hemisphere, an amazing natural phenomenon. Come on an expedition to explore and experience this with us.