West Coast Fatbike Experience offers fatbike tours from Elands Bay on the West Coast of South Africa.

Trip Options:
3 day tour
Single day tour (2-6 hrs day trip options)

Day 1
Meet in one of the world’s best spots, Elands Bay is the perfect introduction to the West coast of South Africa. The quaint town of Elands is a fairly low key fishing and surfing town but has adequate supply and main feature being the Elands Bay Hotel where you will be set-up for the night in comfortable Weskus hotel room style. Check- in time from 3pm.

Riders briefing from 5 pm -7 pm, which will cover all bike fitments and Stage overviews for the following days rides. Here the guides will give you all that is needed and prep you for the fun which lies ahead.

Shuttle service is available from Cape Town to Elands Bay

Stage 1:
Elands Bay to Steenbokfontein Farm | 17-22km

We swing our legs over the saddle early in the morning depending on the tides on the day. We ensure that we ride the compact sand ensuring the bike roll easily over the coast and below the high tide mark leaving no impact on the environment and not hindering many of the abundant sealife along this unique coastline. Ride time will depend on guest fitness level but again this is no race but for mear enjoyment and adventure.

Arriving at Steenboksfontein farm one of the original working farms within the area, this will be your accommodation for the night. Lunch will be served at the iconic “Die Plaaskombuis” original farmstall kitchen. Where the food is served warm out of the farm ovens. Post lunch we will ride up (+-2km) to the secreted caves where the Khoi and San Bushmen once inhabited over 30000 year ago.

Not only the San tribe frequented these caves - as there are clear evidence of regular visits by elephants who used a particular rock to scratch their itches! Guests who would like to walk the well-known Steenboksfontein labyrinth are also welcome. The traditionally prepared Sandveld dinner consists of mussel soup, homemade breads, jams, lamb, a variety of vegetables, salads, koeksisters, tea and coffee. Enjoyed while guests listen to the fables of love and ghosts, deriving from the night the HMS Sybille sank in 1901 - to very recent stories of the farm and the local people.

Stage 2:
Steenboksfontein to Lamberts Bay | 13km

We start riding 2 hours prior to the lowest point of tides on the day. The terrain becomes more technical due to the change of the coastline. Although a fairly short day the going is slightly tougher and the riding will be more captivating due to the ever changing coastal terrain. We will pop out in the town of Lamberts Bay where will navigate our way through the town to the old harbour to go visit Bird Island which has an incredible bird life. Post Bird Island will have a light lunch as dinner will fill you to content! After lunch you could rent a kayak for a paddle in the harbour or take a walk through the town of Lamberts. Accommodation in Lamberts Bay is on the beach-front and a unique Fishermans feast dinner awaits you located on the sands of the beach in an laid back open air environment.

Stage 3:
Lamberts Bay to Doorspring | 15km

This day starts where the road ends and white sand beaches stretch as far as the eye can see! This is truly where riding a bike on a beach is unrivalled. Departing from Lamberts Bay, again depending on the tide. After coffee and rusks we leave with a packed breakfast to enjoy along the way. This section is a beautiful stretch of deserted coastline that only a handful of people has ever explored. We ride through private property and this section offers white beaches isolated away from inhabitants. Once we arrive at Doorspring, riders are shuttled by the logistics team to the unique Fryer’s Cove cellar in Doringbaai harbour (directly translated to Thorn Bay) has a rich history and is a typical West Coast ‘dorpie’ (town) with the most interesting people and of course, stories.
After a well-deserved lunch and good local wines, with your tired legs and content stomached will be shuttle back to Elands Bay to your cars or arrange accommodation for the night to relish in your lifetime memories created over the past 3 past.

Experience caters for all skill levels weather be first timers, weekend warrior or adventurous families (ages 13 and older) .

There is no better, eco-friendly way to see as much of the West Coast coastline as by bike within limited time. By no means is this a race, yet a leisurely pace ride with many impromptu stops to take in this unique coast. The Professional guides will be at your side every pedal stoke giving you tips and guiding below the high tide mark discovering every nook and cranny.

Rest assured you will be riding with some of the best and most capable riders in the country and they will ensure you gaining the most from this experience and seeing it like a true Weskus

All inclusive packages:
Transport, Accommodation, Capable bicycles with platform pedals, helmets and bike fit provided.
Tailored ride times to fitness levels:
2 - 6 hrs per day.
Water and snacks on bike will be provided.