Tidal Tao - Snorkeling operator in Ballito near Durban.

Get in touch with nature by experiencing wildlife up close and personal in their natural environment.

It is safe and fun for the entire family and probably the closest to scuba diving you will get. You don’t have to be a good swimmer, just be able to swim. Included in your two hour snorkel safari will be a snorkel guide, snorkel gear (masks, snorkels and fins), hot chocolate, photo’s of your snorkel safari and an ID guide to help identify the marine life you have seen.

Our most popular snorkel safaris are…

Discover Snorkel Safari
2 hours and includes an introduction to snorkeling, learn how to use your gear and get comfortable in the water. Perfect for first timers with the focus of colorful fish and coral varieties. (Maximum 6 people per snorkel safari)

Explorer Snorkel Safari
2 hours and includes trips to more secluded pools where we search for Nudibranchs, Octopus and other interesting marine life. Perfect for experienced snorkelers (at least know how to snorkel) wanting to see amazing creatures. Night snorkel safari is also available on request. (Maximum 4 people per snorkel safari)

For bigger family, staff or school groups we have…

Marine Biology Trip
3 hours exploring the rocky shore and snorkel. Perfect for groups being 10 people and more learning about marine life on the rocky shoe and underwater. (Maximum 30 people)

Rocky Shore Night Walk
2 hours exploring the rocky shore and finding marine life you wouldn’t see during the day. We also show you how corals and zoanthids glow under black light / UV light. (Maximum 15 people)