The Chokka Trail - Slackpacking

The Chokka Trail - Slackpacking Trail in St Francis Bay, South Africa.

The trail is a 4 day/3 night slackpacking trail between Oyster Bay, St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis.  The trail is fully catered and guided with luggage transported between overnight points. We will meet you at the Cape St Francis Resort, where you leave your vehicle for the duration of the hike.  We will take you to Oyster Bay where you book into the Oyster Kaya, receive a lunch pack and set off for the first 19km unguided out and back hike to Thysbaai.  Expect to see ancient fish traps, an unknown grave, Cape clawless otter, whales and dolphins.

Day 2 is the longest and hardest day – 17km along the Oyster Bay Dune Bypass System, which the locals call the Sand River.  Try and stick to the highest contour of the dunes, although it is quite tempting to slide down some of them!  Enjoy the untouched beauty of the dune field where you will find Khoi middens, buck spoor and birds in the vegetation, but no water unless it is the rainy season.  You will stay at the Dune Ridge Country House.

On Day 3 you will explore a coastal forest, another small dunefield and then the coastline from Mostertshoek to Cape St Francis.  You will enjoy a canal cruise on the famous St Francis canals, to finish off an already interesting day.  Total 15km.
After breakfast on Day 4 your guide will hike with you to Port St Francis, where you will enjoy a calamari tasting and farewell lunch with Clive at Chokka Block.  After lunch you can either hike back to the Resort, or hint for a lift, if the meal was too good!

**NOT dog friendly**