Tapimanzi Adventures - River boarding near Parys on the Vaal River.

This is one for the thrill seeker! River boarding is an exhilarating, relatively new, adventure activity which involves lying on a board and throwing yourself into the heart of a rapid! Most of the time we’re trying to get through and down rapids. The idea of river boarding is to stay in the roughest past of the turbulent water and ride the waves. Waves in rapids, unlike those in the sea, are constantly powered up and the ride is endless.

On a Tapimanzi river trip we’ll stop to play in the rapids. Under the watchful instruction of expert river guides, everyone can try their hand at river boarding. We’ll also stop for a much-deserved lunch break on one of the river islands. Nothing makes you hungrier than wild water fun!

Our river boarding adventures are run in the world heritage site of Vredefort Dome, the site of the worlds biggest meteorite impact. It’s a beautifully scenic section of the Vaal River, where birds like fish eagles and goliath herons are regularly spotted.