St Lucia Tours and Charters - Richards Bay

Whale Watching Trips in Richards Bay with St Lucia Tours and Charters.

Departing from the Meerensee Skiboat Club, (which has a club house, picnic spot, public ablutions plus showers, safe parking in an enclosed area, restaurant and swimming pool on the premises) daily (weather permitting) from walk-on jetty.

If you go on an ocean-going trip, it is always a good idea to dress accordingly, roll up comfortable pants, rubber shoes, fleece jacket and Drimac, as the wind can be cold – no jewelery, high heels, dresses - and any electronic equipment on your own risk – please make your own provisions for seasickness.

The Richards Bay boat based whale watching permit works hand in hand with the St Lucia permit, so all bookings are done through the St Lucia office.