Soweto Towers - Paintball

Soweto Towers - Paintball in Soweto, Johannesburg.

Play a fun and feisty paintball game in an environment that wouldn’t be out of place in a scene from a Nordic Noir detective series.

Soweto Towers offers paintball at the base of its western tower. It’s an uber industrial setting that makes for a perfect combat zone. Gloomy and gritty with hundreds of concrete pillars to hide behind, you can let your imagination and your legs run wild as you’re ducking and diving and strategizing.

Soweto Towers provides all accessories including state of the art paintball guns. It’s an exciting venue for parties and teambuilding. There’s a restaurant on site and loads of other fun activities, mostly of the adrenaline producing type. Choose your adventures and incorporate them into a bumper Soweto Tower’s day jam-packed with different experiences.