Sibebe Hiking Trails - Hiking

Often compared to Australia’s Uluru (Ayers) rock, the geological wonder of Sibebe is, at some 3 billion years old, more than three times as old as its Australian counterpart. But while Uluru attracts in the region of 500 000 visitors a year, Swaziland’s Sibebe Rock offers, for the moment, peace and solitude as you wonder the trails that have been marked out across its span.

These provide magnificent vistas across the Manzini region all the way to the Lubombo mountains in the east.

Access this freehold land at either the Mbuluzi or Nsukumbili entrances. Local land owners will allow you to cross their land, offering a glimpse of traditional rural lifestyles.

Don’t miss this wonderous site. Take time to stop and gaze the imposing west face as you travel along the Pine Valley Road.

Swaziland now Eswatini.