SCAD Freefall at Soweto Towers in Soweto, Gauteng.

SCAD Freefall (aka SCAD Diving) is a unique thrill ride.  It’s the only system in the world that allows you unattached and controlled free fall.  The rider gets to the release point at 70m by using a winch via cage to the top. 

The SCAD jump master activates a descend system and releases the diver after a countdown.  The very long freefall is completely without attachments. 

The diver will drop into the Suspended Catch Air Device (SCAD).  The air tubes and brake suspension around the double SCAD net stop the fall softly and the diver feels no impact at all.  The free fall experience is therefore very intense. 

After you have landed the entire SCAD device is lowered a short distance to the ground, the diver exits by himself! 

SCAD SA brings this thrilling ride to you inside the Western Tower of Orlando Towers, situated in Soweto, the first SCAD Experience inside a cooling tower worldwide!

Soweto Towers also offers bungee jumping.