Sundays River Adventures specializes in sandboarding on the beautiful Alexandria dune fields which are situated on the banks of the Sundays River near Port Elizabeth.

Your adventure starts with a short boat ride from our venue to the dunes. We supply all equipment and lessons and we have both types of sandboards, the flat boards for lying or sitting on and the sandboards with bindings which you ride like a snowboard.

We offer 2 or 3 hour tours from start to finish and we can take 2 - 60 sandboarders at a time with ages from as young as 3 years to 100. Spectators who wish to walk along the beach and dunes are welcome to join us for a small fee. Please remember to bring shoes, sunglasses, comfortable clothes, sneakers/takkies and cool drinks.

We also offer wakeboarding, waterskiing, tubing, wake snake and river cruises on the Sunday’s River. Our river cruises are 1,5 or 2,5 hours long and allow to experience the beauty of the Sundays River. Our watersport activities start from 15 minutes on the wake snake to full day packages with lessons and equipment included.