Pro Dive Plettenberg Bay - Scuba Diving

Can I go scuba diving in Plettenberg Bay?

Yes, ProDive is located at the Beacon Island Hotel in Plettenberg Bay and is a PADI 5 Star Dive Centre with excellent training facilities & superb dive sites.

The spectacular reefs, abundance of marine animals & superb natural beauty of Plettenberg Bay make this one of the most popular destinations for diving & snorkeling along the Garden Route. There are a variety of shallow house reefs which are only a short swim from the shore directly in front of the dive centre. We offer daily snorkel trips, shore dives & boat dives to the spectacular reefs in Plettenberg Bay. Plett is also home to a large Cape Fur Seal colony & is one of the few places in the world where you can enjoy the unique experience of diving with these inquisitive creatures. With its own house reefs, diving boats, on-site shop, lecture room, training pool, equipment room & air fill station; ProDive has now become an integral part of the ocean activities offered in Plettenberg Bay.

● Seal Diving, Seal Snorkelling & Seal Viewing
● Incredible House Reefs (Shore Dive)
● Incredible Boat Dives to Beautiful Reefs
● Full Service Dive Centre
● Entry Level & Professional Diving Courses
● Reef Snorkeling

Seal Scuba Dive
Seals, so ungainly on land, are transformed into the most graceful creatures once they enter the water. Their large, intelligent eyes follow the divers as they swim playfully amongst them, blowing bubbles & moving in for a closer look – this is a once in a lifetime diving encounter! The Seal Colony is found on the Robberg Nature Peninsula & is only a 10-minute boat ride from the dive centre. It is a shallow dive (4-6m) & is suitable for all divers. If you are not qualified, you can join us for a PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course, which includes a lecture, pool session & seal dive (& it only takes one day!)

Shore Diving - House Reefs
There are a variety of shallow house reefs which are only a short swim from the shore directly in front of the dive centre, alive with marine life – a photographer’s paradise. This dive requires an Open Water Diver qualification or a Discover Scuba Diving course prior to dive. There are 3 dive sites to explore: Redbait Reef (depth: 6-9m): This is Plettenberg Bay’s house reef & is a delightful introduction to the area with juvenile reef fish, cuttlefish & shy sharks which are regularly spotted amongst the colourful anemones, urchins & sponges. Shallow Blinders (depth: 10-13m): A short swim from the shore in Plettenberg Bay, lies a
trio of pinnacles that is a photographer’s paradise! This large reef is home to many fish species & is a nursery in the summer months. The Wall (depth: 10-13m): As part of the Blinders reef, rising from 10m to just below the surface & covered in many species & colours of soft coral – Strawberry Anemones share space with the Blue Choirboys, Orange Wall Sponge & Multi-Colour Coral, painting a dramatic underwater landscape.

Shallow Boat Dives
Plett has a variety of spectacular shallow reefs only a 5 minute boat ride from the beach. These shallow sites showcase the colour and beauty of Plett diving and the beauty of the Eastern Cape reefs. The sea fans are draped in the Basket Stars and groups of Shy sharks rest in the rocky crevices. Large Red Roman, Zebras and blacktail share space with numerous species of nudibranchs, orange wall sponge and purple soft coral making for a fireworks display of colour! Our most popular dive site is Jacob’s reef characterized by a large pinnacle and spectacular wall dive covered in soft corals.

2 Tank Boat Dive – Reef & Seal Combo
Our most popular product is the 2 Tank Dive – Reef & Seal combo which combines the best two dive sites in Plett. A short boat ride from the Beacon Island Hotel to our favorite dive site Jacob’s Reef, this is a spectacular wall dive covered in soft coral. Once completed, take a hop, skip & jump to the WONDERFUL SEALS at Robberg Nature Reserve. This being a highlight to all divers, getting up close & personal with these curious creatures in their natural environment.