PaddleZone - White Water Kayaking operator in Cape Town.

White water kayaking is pure adventure and a huge adrenalin rush but it’s not an activity you can just throw yourself into. The stakes are high which is why it’s such an exciting sport. You have to go it alone, there’s no one else in your kayak to make the critical decisions for you. At Paddlezone we get you ready for those critical moments so that you can head out and truly explore with the confidence and caution required.

Paddlezone covers everything to do with white water kayaking from equipment to training to organizing kayaking expeditions in remote locations. Our shop sells top-of-the-range white water kayaking equipment as well as good quality second-hand gear. We ship around the country. The company is owned and operated by Andrew Kellet one of South Africa’s top exploratory paddlers who has many first descents to his name. Andrew has been involved in training for years and all staff are highly skilled white-water kayakers.

Our courses are aimed at beginners, intermediate as well as advanced kayakers and are generally held over a weekend.

Our beginner and intermediate training destination is the feisty Palmiet River which offers a range of conditions ideal for learning in the winter months. The Palmiet River runs through the beautiful Kogelberg Nature Reserve, an ecological hotspot, which adds to the experience. This course focuses on the basics and is ideal for beginners and intermediate kayakers. The course includes detailed instruction on equipment, paddle strokes and techniques, river hazards, and Eskimo rolls as well as an optional river run.

Advanced kayak courses are held over a weekend on a variety of white water rivers depending on the skill level of trainees. Topics of instruction include advanced paddling techniques, playing the river, swift water safety, and rescue for kayakers.

What better way to put all that hard work and training to use than to sign up on one of our white-water kayaking expeditions. Paddlezone puts together extraordinary kayaking adventures in remote locations like the Nile and Zambezi Rivers.