Oystercatcher Trail - Hiking
Oystercatcher Trail offers hiking and slackpacking in Mossel Bay, South Africa
Oystercatcher Trail - hiking and slackpacking operator near Mossel Bay, Garden Route
Oystercatcher Trail - Guided hiking trails from Boggomsbaai near Mossel Bay
Oystercatcher Trail - Guided hiking operator  in Boggomsbaai, Mossel Bay

Oystercatcher Trail - Hiking operator in Mossel Bay.

We offer a professionally guided, luxury, and educational slackpacking trail. All your comforts are looked after and your eyes are opened to the wonders of nature.

The 4-day trail starts at Mossel Bay and ends across the Gourits River. Every day is different, from high cliffs to long quiet beaches, massive dunes, rocky shores and small private bays. You will see Khoisan caves, ancient middens and fish traps, whales, dolphins, oystercatchers and many Stone Age artefacts. Accommodation is 4-star quality and there are three options to choose from. The Gold and Silver trails are both catered, while the Green trail is self-catering.

* Hike on the wonderful Garden Route coast
* From Mossel Bay to Gourits River
* Experience dolphins, whales and fireside tales