We journey to the port of adventure Magoebaskloof in Limpopo, a haven for some of the most exciting activities such as zip-lining, quad biking, mountain biking, cycling, orchard walks, crafts beer tasting. A visit to the award-wining micro-brewery – Zwakala is on the cards! Their beers are hand-crafted, organically brewed to perfection without artificial processes. The star ingredient is the clear and pure water harvested from Letaba River, with its legendary qualities and tales. Magoebaskloof is also referred to as “The Land of the Silver Mist” because of its scenic beauty as the large part of the valley is enveloped by the northern tip of the majestic Drakensberg Mountain range, the ever-present sprays of mist feeds and waters the lush forests. Limpopo is peppered with myths, legends, upside down trees, mineral rich soil, ancient history, gold traders; where four countries meet – Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe.

The landscape varies as some parts are semi-desert like, with a flat and very dry surface, thorn bushes, rock formations. There are still clues of a sophisticated society with links to the Far East and West Africa that existed centuries ago, is believed to have mined and traded gold. This evidence is in the form of ruins and artefacts found in an area up-north towards the Zimbabwean border. The people of Limpopo are also known for their skill in sculpting ceramic, wood, weaving and differentiating plants for distinctive use and medicinal purposes. With a visit to an art-crafts store you will touch and get to understand what goes into the carefully crafted wares, which is not only a skill and an artistic expression, but serves to generate income for the proud women and men who create and communicate the love for their culture and beautiful heritage through art.

A refreshing ride because of the dramatic landscape – where happiness is staying on the road.