Gauteng is the tiniest all provinces in South Africa; birthed due to the discovery of gold the south of Johannesburg which led to a sort of stampede by international citizens in search of their slice in the pie in this compact region. On Any Day Adventures rides and walks through inner-city Joburg, starting in Newtown; an imaginative interpretation of the city, where graffiti adorns underground bridges, light poles, and open spaces. This canvas breathes life to the area in an unconventional way. Here you will see the young and gifted expressing their art through song, dance, wearable souvenirs that you can buy and get the admiration of your peers for years and years! Immerse in the rich history of a precinct known for its multiple firsts – the first Johannesburg Stock Exchange; the first railway station; the first black law firm founded by O.R. Tambo and Nelson Mandela at Chancellor House, Fox Street – it all begun in Newtown!

Explore the heart of the inner-city where the streets never sleep - Maboneng Precinct. It is a salad of a vibrant community, so unique in its sense of lifestyle - a culinary hub showcasing food, fashion, cultures from around the globe. Craft has become synonymous with a progressive lifestyle, be it in the urban areas or in the countryside. Maboneng is championing this phenomenon in an innovative way that seems underground, discovered by those in the know. Do Maboneng by night, feel its raw authenticity! We dine in a chic industrial space, where fresh produce is grown on site, served in season to honor the earth, reminding us that a concrete jungle can be green!
Venturing out into the countryside, your basket of adventure keeps getting fuller! Take a leisurely ride into Hennops Valley Magaliesberg, where some of the most unspoiled nature trails, soft game, plateaus, zipline, coffee, gin, beer tasting await.  There is also the unique opportunity to view Ural Russian motorcycles in the area – a treasure trove.

Finally, you have not been on a joy ride until you get a tattoo – a mark of been there, done retro-adventure!