Mountain View Horse Trails - Archery

Mountain View Horse Trails - Archery operator in Cape Town.

Archery is a level playing field, it’s not physically demanding and with the right posture anyone can be an excellent shot. This is a fun activity for couples. 

First time shooting - Most visitors are first time archers, so you will be in good company if this is the first time you try shooting a bow. Experience has taught us to start you off on an easy to pull bow and gradually build you up until you can fire something a little stronger.

Intro bow - You will begin with a practice bow that is needs about 10 pounds of force to fully draw it.  This will help you to understand posture, footing and aiming without too much physical exertion.

Light compound - Next you will try a compound bow, which is a bow that is assisted with pulleys. 

English recurve bow - When you are ready you can advance to trying an intermediate Recurve bow. These bows are larger and more accurate but also require more strength to draw. 

Compound Hunting bow - If you are feeling adventurous, you can try the full hunting compound bow. You will need to be comfortable with how to draw and fire a bow before trying to use this strong weapon.