Magalies Gliding Club in Gauteng offers a ‘first training flight’ as an introduction to the world of soaring. This is a hands-on experience and you have the opportunity to fly the glider, under the supervision and guidance of an instructor, rather than just being along for the flight in the passenger seat.

Before taking to the air, the instructor briefs you on basic flight principles and the how the various controls operate. Once in the air, if you feel comfortable, the instructor will guide you to handling the shared controls to get the feeling of flying a glider.

A motorised glider is used for ‘first training flight’. It takes you up to the thermaling height and, if conditions are suitable, the engine is turned off and true soaring begins. The flight lasts approximately 30 minutes.

As gliding is a weather dependent activity, the gliders will not go up in conditions with high winds and bad visibility.  Remember to check weather forecasts before coming through to our Club.

Our experienced instructors offer training that will take you from the ground to obtaining your own glider pilot’s licence. It takes about a year to complete the flight theory studies and exams as well as the practical flight hours.

We operate only on weekends and most public holidays. The club is normally closed from the second week in December and opens up again in early January.