The ‘Lesotho Five‘ are our pride – Katse Dam, Alpine flowers, Cascading waterfalls, Mohair and Adventure.

The largest attractions lie in the Maluti Mountains – the famous Katse and Mohale dams, true wonders of civil engineering in Africa.

Traverse this region through some of the most scenic routes where ‘hairpin bends’ link well-developed roads to passes. This is a versatile and sensational adventureland, where Mr. Donkey is regarded as a reliable 4x4. Drive on ‘The Roof of Africa’, with magnificent views of the ‘Dragon Mountains’ (Drakensberg range) where majestic, snowy peaks kiss the clouds.

View the waterfalls which abound in this land of excitement, unbelievably painting the rocky slopes in ever-moving patterns. Camp out in the middle of nowhere, and gaze at the stars and count endless shooting stars. This is a true heaven. The flower kingdom would dazzle any enthusiast as they adorn both unreachable crevices and the mountain slopes. Catch a glimpse of the mountain goats as they move at unbelievable heights. Buy one of the tradition mohair blankets – true Lesotho – to keep out the winter cold.

Whatever your motive, exploring business opportunities or simply taking a leisure tour, not only will you be fascinated by grandeur and structural engineering excellence, but you are also destined to witness commendable inroads into sustainable entrepreneurial development.

Majestic mountains, blue skies and crystal-clear water await you.