Langebaan Divers - Boat Charters

If you thought fishing above the water’s surface was exciting, then you will be ecstatic when you try our Spearfishing and Boat Charters.

Below the surface is an entirely different and exhilarating world…when you realise what you have been missing, you may retire your favourite fishing rod for good!

Let Langebaan Divers on the West Coast introduce you to spearfishing, or if you have already discovered the world of spearfishing and want to test out a new location chat with us today. Spearfishing is an age-old method of catching fish that has been used by different cultures throughout the world for millions of years. Today, sharpened sticks have been replaced by elastic or pneumatic powered spearguns and free-diving, snorkelling or scuba diving techniques are used to hunt a range of species. Unlike other forms of fishing, spearfishing is much more ecologically friendly – only specific individuals are selected and hunted so there is no by-catch and usually no bait is used.

Langebaan Divers is based at Club Mykonos Resort right on beautiful Langebaan Lagoon, a short 1.5 hrs drive north of Cape Town on the West Coast. Come and check out the amazing underwater world of this spectacular lagoon with our friendly, qualified and experienced dive crew. Book a Spearfishing Boat Trips with us today!