Kiteboarding Cape Town - Kitesurfing lessons in Cape Town.

With wind and waves in abundance, it is little wonder that kitesurfing is a popular sport in Cape Town.

For beginners, lessons are a must. International Kitesurfing Organisation (IKO) qualified instructors first teach the basics of this wind sport before letting you loose on the waves. Equipment is provided and under experienced supervision, you’ll enjoy an incredibly fast learning curve.

You don’t need to be strong to learn to kitesurf, but you do need an adventurous streak. While you are not going to be able to perform a ‘Nose Grab Jump’ aerial manoeuvre at first, within a few days you’ll be one of the colourful kitesurfers decorating the skies above Cape Town’s beaches.

Experienced kitesurfers visiting Cape Town will appreciate being able to hire good-quality equipment. The well-established kitesurfing community will fill you in on wind patterns and the city’s best spots.