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Horse Beach Rides - Swimming with horses.

​Imagine yourself ​​on a horse, on the beach. You look around and see dolphins in the surf, you hear the sound of hoof beats on the sand and a wave crashes a little to your side, you feel the spray of sea mist on your face as the gentle breeze blows through your hair. The triumphant smell of horse and sea as you take a deep breath and smile at the dreams come true.

Yes, it sounds like the thing of great movies, riding off into the sunset on the beach, or like any decent fairy tale of a knight in shining armour on his white stallion. It sounds like the thing of dreams, a work of fiction.

But, your dreams can now come true!

We are Horseback Beach Adventures! What do we offer? We offer people a Horse Riding Experience of a lifetime, where they can feel like a celebrity for a day, they can feel like they are in the middle of a fairy-tale or a western movie.

Our two most famous packages are the Snacks & Swim with the Horses Beach Adventure in which you can stop for a break at the beach, resting those tired legs and take a cool off by going swimming in the sea with your horses followed by some light refreshments. And the Deluxe Picnic Ride specially designed for couples, where you stop at the beach, and the couple receive a delightful picnic basket filled with yummy goodies and a bottle of alcohol free champagne to enjoy before riding back to our farm.​