Great Drives Out - 4x4 Tours

The KwaNzimakwe Experience starts at WOWZULU Welcome Centre in KwaNzimakwe, near Port Edwardon the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

Be welcomed by the tribal leader, see a sangoma and cattle kraal, watch crafters, learn to weave and follow a mountain trail to a spectacular viewing site. Nearby activities include community theatre at Msenti Art Academy, guided walking trails at Xhuluweshe mountain and Nojani Tavern.

With the Nyandezulu Experience, see breathtaking scenery, while enjoying the hospitality of the local community and discovering local arts and crafts. Start at Mfihlo Guest House for a 5-hour guided drive with a hike to the Ntantana Mountain, overlooking Nyandezulu Waterfall. Visit the sangoma and the local Dafeleni shebeen. Walk to a Shembe Church and the top of the holy uMdlungwana mountain, reputed to harbour a 7-headed water monster. Don’t make too much noise!

At KwaXolo Caves, go on a 5-minute hike to a newly discovered prehistoric cave with San paintings that are older than 100 000 years.