The 70 kilometer Panorama Route, Mpumalanga has a new jewel in its crown with the addition of The Graskop Lift Company near Graskop.

It is the perfect stopover for the adventurous family touring the area. There are many options for a stroll and leg stretch, but the Graskop Suspension Bridge is an activity that will be suitable for the whole family, young and old and any fitness. 

Suspension bridges conjure visions of jungle trekking adventures- primitive bridge structures swaying over dizzying space. The Graskop Lift Company’s Suspension Bridge spans a 52 meter gap between the north and south edges of the Graskop Gorge, its graceful design of wood and steel belying its strength. You will not feel the need to cling to the side rails although the slight swaying of the bridge will definitely keep you alert.

If zip lining or free falling or the bridge swing is not your thing, this bridge walking is a gentler way to view the spectacular Graskop Gorge and beyond.