Good Hope Adventures - Below the Surface operator in Cape Town.

Explore Cape Town’s buried secrets on this subterranean tour with Good Hope Adventures. Exploring the underground tunnels that have been forgotten about since the late 1800s offers a unique perspective of Cape Town’s fascinating history as well as a sense of Cape Town’s topography as it was before it became concreted over. The burbling streams that once provided citizens with famously sweet drinking water can now be seen running in their dark man-made beds to be discharged into the sea. Tunnels run all the way from the base of Table Mountain to the Castle of Good Hope built in the 17th-century.

This is a fun and exciting adventure, rich with stories and insights from guides who have extensive knowledge of Cape Town’s past. Even Capetonians will learn something new about the history of this city on the tip of Africa and possibly some insights into their ancestors. Bring your gumboots and head Below the Surface!