Go Now E-Bikes Knysna

It doesn’t take much effort to have a great time with our trendy Go now electric bikes in Knysna. This amazing new urban trend is a fantastic way to enjoy your breakaway from the hustle and bustle of city traffic and parking.

These impressive self-powered bikes take you on a scenic adventure of our captivating piece of paradise. Our recommended route, along the Costa Strada walkway and cycle path which hugs the side of the expansive Knysna estuary, takes you all the way along George Rex Drive, up to the impressive East Head. This historical and elevated viewpoint offers extensive views of the never-ending Indian Ocean and the astonishing passageway between the sheer Knysna Heads. Along the route, acclaimed cafes make great stop overs to hydrate and refuel before you head back.

The bikes are easy to use and require no particular fitness level. This activity is perfect for families with older children.