Lake Fundudzi is one of South Africa’s hidden gems and Hiking is one of the best ways to discover the stunning natural features, the remarkable diversity of flora and birdlife, and the traditional Venda arts and crafts for which this area is renowned. Get back to nature and come and explore one of our fantastic Transfrontier Parks Destinations in Limpopo!

Cradled in the beautiful Soutpansberg mountain range in the heart of Limpopo’s Vhembe Biosphere Reserve, the region is steeped in the fascinating traditions and folklore of the VhaVenda people. Fundudzi Lake and the forest of Thathe Vondo are considered sacred by the Vhatatsindi, the People of the Pool.

The Lake Fundudzi area, near the town of Makhado/Louis Trichardt, offers a number of lovely hiking trails set amongst forests, rivers and waterfalls. Hikers will feel refreshed and relaxed in the peaceful surroundings and local villagers are happy to share an insight into the Venda culture.
Hiking at Lake Fundudzi is well rewarded and in maintaining respect for this sacred Venda site, one needs to first seek permission before arriving. There are numerous long and picturesque hiking trails to explore and local guides also offer informative walking tours of the lake area and sites of interest including the enormous Sagola Baobab tree, the largest specimen in South Africa. Accommodation is available at Fundudzi Cultural Camp which offers visitors 5 thatched rondavels and communal ablutions, kitchen and dining facilities. Catering by local villagers can also be arranged.

Our Mabudashango Hiking Trail is a hiker’s paradise and one of the most stunning trails in Limpopo! The 4-day, 53km Mabudashango takes visitors on a journey through forests near Magoebaskloof and past a number of sacred sites including the revered burial grounds of the Venda chiefs. Spectacular vistas of Lake Fundudzi are enjoyed along the way.