Fruitloops Foil Surfing Adventures is a Foil surfing operator in Durban.

Choosing to take some quality foiling lessons is the best way to get started. Fruitloops’ team is committed to client satisfaction, and our teaching methods have shown to be incredibly effective. If you’ve never attempted foil boarding before, we recommend beginning with a wake foil lesson behind our boat or jetski, as this is the easiest way of learning before progressing to Kite-, Surf-, or Wing foiling. Following some theory on how the foil works, we will take you behind the jetski to demonstrate how to ride the foil. This first lesson will take place in flat water, using a beginner board similar to a SUP and a larger foil that will be slower and easier to handle. All of these aspects, together with the BBTalking helmet radio system, will enable us to assist you in understanding how the foil works and experiencing your first flight.

Learning to foil behind a jet-ski relieves the burden of learning wing and foil skills at the same time. This allows you to concentrate on the muscle memory of the foil while the jetski steadily and consistently pulls you along. Students with adequate board abilities at the start of the session normally require 1-2 lessons to get used to the feel of the foil. Once you’ve mastered this and are confident in your abilities, we’ll take you to the open water to kite or surf foil, depending on your preference!

We use the highest quality equipment for our lessons, including premium Unifoil foils in various sizes according to on your ability and weight, as well as the latest Zeal foil boards. These brands are universally recognized as the industry leaders in surf foiling. We offer all equipment, including impact vests, a BBtalking helmet radio system, and wetsuits if necessary. All of the equipment used in our lessons is available for purchase through our online store.