Frixion Adventures - Kloofing Trips

Frixion Adventures - Kloofing, abseiling and cliff jumping trips at Smalblaar Canyon, Du Toits Kloof near Cape Town.

Smalblaar Kloofing Trips - Full Day
This trip has 4-6 waterfall abseils depending on the water levels. The abseils range from 9m to 50m in height with the option of jumping 14m height cliffs. 
Guests are geared up in wetsuits (depending on temperature), harnesses, helmets and all the necessary safety gear for the day. Breakfast is served before the trip and everyone has the chance to make their own lunch from the buffet spread.  This full day of adventure starts early at 0730 and we aim to finish round about 1600 or sometimes later depending on the water level or how many guests are on the trip. The canyon is pristine as we are the only peeple who use it. The water is odorless, colorless and tasteless. The reason for this is that the source of the river is about 700m from where we start.

Nature at its finest.

* There are 9 waterfalls ranging in height from 5 meters up to 45 meters, the larger 6 (15 – 45 meters) we abseil down, depending on water levels
* There is a point of no return after the third waterfall abseil and thus this trip is not for the faint hearted as the larger waterfalls, 45m/ 35m/ 30m come shortly thereafter.
* The second waterfall provides us with a beautiful jump pool with voluntary jump options ranging from 2m/ 3m/ 6m/ 10m/ 12m/ 14m/ 15m/ 16m.
* The total distance covered in descending the gorge and then a short walk back to the transport is not more than 2km. The Gorge itself drops off about 350m in altitude over a distance of around 900m in distance, thus making it very steep.

The canyon is open from October through to April and we also run night trips for the advanced canyoners who have already done this trip with us.