False Bay Firearm Training Academy - Action Shooting
False Bay Sport Shooting Association offers action shooting at their range in Cape Town, South Africa.
False Bay Firearm Training Academy is situated in Simons Town, Cape Town and offers shooting adventures from their shooting range.

False Bay Firearm Training Academy is an action shooting and team building operator in Cape Town, South Africa.

Plan a day of competitive fun with friends or family. Action Shooting is an activity that is, paradoxically, both gripping and relaxing. When you aim your firearm at that target, tension and adrenalin build. Once you fire, relief floods your body and you feel super relaxed. Until it’s your turn to shoot again!

False Bay Firearm Training Academy is a stunning environment to spend time in. Our shooting range is in the historic Glencairn Quarry along the False Bay Coast where you can watch whales when you’re not shooting. The picture-perfect town of Simonstown nestles nearby between mountains and sea and its beaches are home to penguins. Book an action shooting session with us and combine it with a lovely day out enjoying the wealth of attractions that the Southern Peninsula offers.

Our shooting range is manned by highly qualified range officers who are as passionate about this sport as they are knowledgeable. They are industry-best people who have turned their hobby into their business, and they will bring the sharpshooter out of you whether you are a complete novice or an experienced marksman. Our range officers also run and facilitate fun competitive sessions and Action Shooting packages for team building and groups wanting an exciting day out together.

A range of Action Shooting packages is available with a vast choice of firearms and varying numbers of rounds. False Bay Firearms Training Academy have, in their collection, firearms like AK 47’s, Sniper rifles, Glocks, Tac shotguns, and 357 Magnum revolvers.  Packages with names like- Big Boys Day Out, The Full Monty, The Boss, The 9mm Experience, should give you some idea of what to expect.

Monday to Saturday:  10:00 – 16:30
Sundays: 10:00 – 12:30

Bookings essential
Proficiency Training bookings by appointment for Tuesday’s and Friday’s

* Sporting clays, handgun, rifle, and airgun
* Corporate and teambuilding events arranged
* SABS and SAPS accredited