Erin Game Ranch - Guided Hiking and Stargazing in the Northern Cape, South Africa.

A visit to the Kalahari provides a sense of freedom hard to find anywhere else in South Africa. The landscape is incredibly beautiful with its rolling red dunes topped with golden grass, the sky is big, the horizons are unending and there is a timeless peace…

Erin Game Ranch, a Khomani San community game reserve, offers a variety of activities that will keep the adventurous traveler busy.

Tailor Made nature and cultural walks – Join your Khomani San guide for an Edu-adventure at dawn, sunset or full day experience. 
A visit to the Living Museum – an engaging and immersive experience to learn more about the culture of the Khomani San.
Storytelling, Music and Dancing – Join the elders around the fire and learn how jackal got his black back and be transformed by their ancient song and dance.
Local Fare - Delicious and authentic Kalahari farm food at Aunt Koera’s Farm Kitchen
Unparalleled stargazing – At night million stars offers a glimpse of the universe’s distant planets and galaxies