Elite Charters - Power Boating

For a fast paced adventure in one of South Africa’s favorite playgrounds, join Elite Charters on our Adventure Duck!

Langebaan Lagoon is a tranquil and picturesque body of water on the West Coast, but don’t let that fool you. Every year, adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies descend into the quiet seaside town of Langebaan and create a colourful and festive atmosphere.

From windsports to fishing, there are plenty of great activities – and one of those that you have to tick of your list is a ride on our high-speed Adventure Duck!

Our Adventure Duck offers a ride on the wild side. We explore the lagoon at high speeds and jump the ocean waves. We also add a variety of fun tubes for the more adventurous.

Add the Adventure Duck to your private function on our Elite yacht charter. Pack your picnic basket, or ask us to organise one, and take our yacht with your group to beautiful Kraalbaai in the West Coast National Park.

Our Adventure Duck is suited to anyone with a sense for adventure. To join, your feet needs to touch the floor of the hull while seated.

We supply life jackets and require a minimum of 4 passengers. Our duck can take a maximum of 11 passengers.