EFoil Cape Town offers efoil lessons in Stellenbosch and Cape Town.

Have you thought about Efoiling if you adore the idea of surfing and kiteboarding but aren’t quite ready to give it a shot? It is enjoyable, secure, and, dare we say, less taxing than its equivalents. To ride above the water, or “fly,” as the term goes, one must have an electric propeller attached to a large fin underneath a surfboard, which is what electric hydrofoils are.

The first e-foiling school in South Africa has been established by Lukas Nel, who teaches students on the ocean in Hout Bay or a dam at Devonbosch in Stellenbosch. One of the simplest water sports to pick up, foil boarding only takes an hour or so to become proficient in before you can stand up and start cruising, carving, and skimming the water.

How it works
A helmet, impact/life vest, and wetsuit will be given to you. You’ll get an introduction and a safety briefing before starting your lesson with the expert in the water. Group lessons are available for up to four people at a time, or one-on-one instruction is an option. This is the ideal enjoyable activity to do with friends or family. For children who weigh less than 40 kg, there is a tandem ride option available with the instructor. For this activity, you don’t need to be particularly athletic or fit; the maximum weight is 120 kg.

Emission-free adventure
At its fastest, this amazing boat can travel up to 55 km/h. Additionally eco-friendly, foilboards produce no emissions and leave no wake or pollution trail. They are whisper quiet. A dam’s still water can be used to teach you the ropes before moving on to an ocean setting where you can soar over the waves. Once you become addicted to this thrilling new sport, Efoil South Africa can also rent out foilboards and arrange for you to go foiling in a different, suitable location.

Additionally, Efoil South Africa provides discounted packages, such as “Buy 5 Get 1 Free” or “Buy 10 Get 3 Free,” which can be used by an individual on multiple dates or shared with others for larger groups on a single day for events like birthday or bachelor parties, team building, family outings, etc. If you want to share the fun with someone else, gift vouchers are also available.