Drone Racing Africa

Drone Racing Africa - Drone Courses in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

At Drone Racing Africa, we know that flying a drone is not as easy as it looks and that a small mistake can have big (and expensive) consequences!

Our Drone Competency Course has therefore been specifically designed to give you, the drone enthusiast, the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical flying skills needed to competently pilot a Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA) or drone. The course consists of two sessions: a theoretical component, including short exam, where you will cover subjects such as the principles of flight, air law and procedures, navigation and planning, human factors and meteorology. In the second session, we’ll get to grips with practical drone flight. Starting with simulator training and indoor flight, we’ll cover the fundamentals of throttle management and hover control alongside other tested manoeuvres, before moving outdoors and practicing on a larger drone such as a DJI Phantom or Blade Chroma. The practical session culminates in a practical ‘sign out’ flight exam, which tests all the knowledge and skills you have gained throughout the course.

The instructors will also discuss and review in detail the range of drone products on the market. if you are already a drone owner, we will be more than happy to assist you in setting up your aircraft correctly and getting the most out of the features of your drone and understand the features your aircraft.

We look forward to flying with you!

Course details:
* Length: 2-days (10 hours)
* Location: Cape Town and Johannesburg
* Pre-requisites: None
* What’s included: Technical Equipment, Refreshments, Experienced Instructors
* Ages: 13 upwards