Crisscross Adventures - Canoeing near Addo on the Sundays River.

Only Crisscross Adventures can provide you with the ultimate Addo experience. This passionate owner-managed company, which started in 2005, will go out of its way to ensure your Addo experience is memorable with safe, fun-filled tours run by qualified and experienced guides.

Do not miss out on the river safaris: Explore a different side of Addo and view game and birds on the riverbanks while you drift past some of the most scenic parts of the Sundays River in a custom-designed, comfortable and stable canoe (no paddling experience needed). The popular guided Addo River Safaris offers guests the best bird watching in the Eastern Cape, where they can find countless water birds, 7 different species of kingfisher, the magnificent goliath heron and chance sightings of the elusive African fish eagle being fed.

Quad Biking: Looking for something a little more adventurous to do while in Addo? We offer our clients the opportunity to see some of Addo’s spectacular environment on automatic quad bikes, from the magnificent Sundays River and the beautiful citrus orchards, all the while following the trails of the original peoples and the pioneers of our historic valley.

Sandboarding: For the adrenalin junkies there is sandboarding at the Sundays River mouth-part of the highest coastal dune field in South Africa. Professional sandboards and sand sleds are available.

With their range of different activities, including safaris in the Addo Elephant National Park, river safaris, quad biking, sandboarding, hiking, bird watching, fishing, and more, Crisscross Adventures aims to highlight the diversity of this amazing area.

* The Addo tour, safari and adventure specialists
* Addo River Safaris – a completely different way to see another side to Addo
* Quad biking through Addo’s beautiful scenery
* Adrenalin-filled sandboarding at Addo’s marine section