Cool-Runnings Toboggan Track! Tobogganing operator in Tyger Valley, Cape Town.

A first for Africa. Cool-Runnings 1.25km Toboggan Track in Cape Town is where speed freaks can reach 40 km per hour on our downhill steel half-pipe. The automatic pulley drags your sled to the top of the hill, then woohoo – off you go. All you have to do is steer and regulate your speed with the easy hand-brake.

Tried and tested all over Europe, Cool-Runnings tobogganing is safe, fun and a thrill for the whole family. All ages welcome (under 8 year-olds go tandem with an adult). We know grown-ups use kids as an excuse to come to Cool-Runnings, but no excuses are needed.

One ride and you’ll be hooked!