Celestial Gift Experiences - Huey Helicopter Flights

Celestial Gift Experiences - Huey Helicopter Flights in Cape Town.

Huey Helicopter Combat Mission Flight - Set off on the ultimate adrenaline experience with a combat mission simulation across the West Coast in a Huey helicopter. For the most exhilarating experience and the ultimate thrill, the doors will be left open during the low level flight, with the speakers blasting a familiar combat soundtrack that will create a completely realistic combat experience (and the most spectacular views, of course!).

Your Huey combat mission flight will include low flying, hard banking and sharp climbing, as well as flyovers of some of the West Coast and Cape Town’s major attractions, such as the City Bowl, the V&A Waterfront and more.

The Huey helicopter is the company’s most prized possession, which means that it undergoes thorough daily inspections by aeronautic engineers to ensure your safety. Only the most experienced Huey pilots are recruited to fly the Huey Helicopter Combat Mission. Additionally, our pilots have signed a charter that compels them to observe flight levels and airmanship specifically formulated to reduce the impact of the experience on the environment and the residents of our city.

Huey Helicopter Combat Mission Details - Our 30-minute Huey Helicopter Combat Mission flights are weather dependent and may be rescheduled due to inclement conditions.

Be sure to take along a jumper, because the air can be cool at high altitudes.  Be sure to bring along your camera, provided it can be attached to you with a secure strap.