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Celestial Gift Experiences - Dune Thrasher operator in Cape Town, South Africa.

Dune Thrasher: The Ultimate Adrenaline Adventure in the Atlantis Dunes

Experience Cape Town’s infamous Atlantis sand dunes from a different perspective with the Dune Thrasher - a first of its kind in Africa.

After a ten-minute safety briefing, set off on your off-road dune ride. Although Dune Thrasher offers the option of scenic tours of the constantly changing Atlantis dunes, most return guests opt for the adventure dune ride.

Hold on for dear life as the 5,7lt V8 engine of the 400 horsepower sand rail pipe car thrashes the dunes at varying speeds. Zip across the vast flats where the sand seems to meet the sky before climbing to the summits to enjoy the breath taking panoramic views of the sparkling ocean and lovely beaches. Then, glide down the sandy dunes as they sweep into valleys.

Even our less adventurous passengers end up loving the adrenaline dune thrasher and return for more. If the reviews on this experience are anything to go by, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Dune Thrasher has been described as a “must for the adrenaline junkie” and “exhilarating”.

Your driver on this extreme adventure ride of your life is a local who is knowledgeable about the environment and the history of the area as well as safety aspects of the vehicle. The sand rail pipe car was built in America and imported to South Africa. With enough space for a driver and four passengers, each seat features full-specification racing seat belts, full independent air suspension, and a high-tensile Chrome framework.

You will definitely want to bring along your camera, even if you only have a chance to record you and your fellow passengers’ expressions during the ten or twenty-minute off-road dune riding experience.