Celestial Gift Experiences - Aerobatic Flights

If you’re a fan of aeronautics, don’t miss the chance to experience aerobatics in the Pitts Special - the best plane for the purpose of racing through the skies at breakneck speeds.

Feel your heart race as the buildings of Benoni race by as you take off and the plane lifts high up into the sky, just to stop completely when your pilot starts to perform hair-raising acrobatic manoeuvres.

Live the Experience - Not For the Faint Hearted!

Designed in America, the Pitts Special biplane offers superb aerobatics capabilities. The small plane has an unbelievable power to weight ratio, which enables it to pull hair-raising G forces that guarantee mind-blowing stunts, such as wing-overs, loop-de-loops, stall turns and cuban eights.

Your host, a renowned display pilot, will meet you at Benoni Airfield and welcome you on board the Pitts Special. With countless safe flying hours as a registered commercial pilot and years of aerobatics experience performing at nation air shows and competitions, you will be safe in his capable hands.

Buckle up and listen as he provides a safety briefing and full running commentary of the technical aspects of your flight.

Once you’ve taken off and reached the correct altitude, the action awaits in this once-in-a-lifetime experience, which lasts a cool thirty minutes.

This is your experience, so you get to control just how intense you want the stunts to be (within the pilot’s discretion). Book your high performance aerobatic flight today!