Cape Town Water Bikes Company is an operator that offers water bikes and ocean adventures in Simon’s Town.

Gliding across the ocean on the worlds most advanced water bike is a totally new and unique way to experience the incredible marine environment of False Bay in Cape Town – renowned for its stunning ocean and mountain views and marine wildlife, including whales, dolphins, seals, and the famous African penguin colony.

Our premium water bikes are silent, do not emit any emissions, do not require fuel and will allow you to safely explore without an environmental footprint. You get a different perspective of your surroundings because you are elevated quite high off the water when sitting on a water bike.

These easy, no-hassle water bikes are very stable and simple to steer. They do not need balancing as with conventional bikes. No previous experience or special skills are required. The only requirement is you must be able to reach the peddles, (generally a minimum height of 5 ft and maximum weight is 110 kg.)

We offer guided tours (booking essential) and walk-in rentals from the Simon’s Town pier.

Our precision-engineered water bikes offer a fun-filled exhilarating water-based activity, never before experienced in South Africa and this is a truly sustainable adventure.